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What are the monetary benefits of taking the courses on UnifyX? should be changed to Are there any special discounts offered on Microsoft courses on UnifyX?

The verified certificates are available at a flat discount of INR 1000 compared to platforms like We also offer additional discount vouchers on purchase of two or more certificates.

How can I get the additional discount vouchers and how can I use them?

As a registered user, if you complete two courses and purchase certificates, you will receive an email with a discount voucher which you can redeem on the purchase of your next certificate on UnifyX. You can redeem this voucher anytime within 6 months.

What are Readiness Tracks?

Readiness Tracks are curated lists of courses designed by Microsoft that help you gain expertise in a particular skill or technology. Explore all the nine Readiness Tracks here and choose one to kick-start your journey of learning.

What are Role Based Certification Training Paths?

Role Based Certifications are recently released by Microsoft and they help you to better align your skills and proficiencies with your chosen profession. Microsoft released the certification exam and the details of the corresponding training paths for Azure based roles as of now. Stay tuned for more certifications and training paths soon.

Why should you gain a Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft Certified Professionals spend less time interviewing and more time driving value. Adding a Microsoft certification to your resume helps you stand out and get hired—faster. What’s more, certified new hires are fully productive an entire month sooner than their uncertified peers, making your skills clearly stand out.

Is there a refund policy?

We would love to provide you with one. But sadly, due to few operational issues, we are not able to. If you are not sure, try the experience with a course listed in the Audit mode and then proceed to purchase a verified certificate. Please note that not all courses are available in the Audit mode. You need to make the payment before gaining access to a course listed in Readiness Tracks or Role Based Certification Training Paths.