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IT Support: Hardware Essentials

Learn the basics of computer devices, components, storage, displays, and connection interfaces.

About this course

This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in IT Support.

IT Support: Hardware Essentials is designed to introduce students to a basic understanding of the different types of computing devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), computer components (CPU, memory, power supplies, etc.) as well as peripheral devices, storage devices, displays and connection interfaces.

This course also includes an introduction to basic hardware troubleshooting skills.

What you'll learn

  • Describe computing devices
  • Understand PC and laptop hardware components
  • Troubleshoot common hardware issues
  • Explore mobile and connected devices
  • Troubleshoot common mobile device and connected device issues

Meet the instructors

Robert Deupree Jr

Robert Deupree Jr

Senior Content Developer Microsoft

Robert Deupree Jr. is a Senior Content Developer with the Microsoft Learning eXperiences team. After a first career as a marine biologist, Robert joined Microsoft as a biology writer for Encarta Encyclopedia and has continued creating Microsoft training content for over 20 years.

  1. Length4 weeks
  2. Effort 2 to 4 hours per week
  3. Price INR 7000 INR 6000
  4. Subject IT Support
  5. Level Beginner

    Associated Readiness Tracks

  1. IT Support